Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mr. Big


Today I moved into my brothers room which is literally 5 times the size of my old one. Although you probably have zero interest in this.. I have been waiting 5 years (I know 5 years CRAZY) for this and I must celebrate. Yes I know it doesn't look very spectacular at the moment! but i am going to do it up in the week to come. Although I was so excited to change rooms.. it was probably the most terrifying sight I have ever seen. I didn't realise how much junk I had. I nearly screamed when I started to see patches of carpet appear through the masses of stuff. I ended cramming a good lot of it behind chairs and in random drawers. I took some hopefully nice photos with my film camera so thats a good thing I got out of it. Oh and the room of course.


Anonymous said...

your room is so adorable!

EOU said...

These picture are great. love how you made them look like old quality - gives then life (reality)