Monday, July 5, 2010


photo not by me.

Last night I arrived in Rome. I have never seen such beauty in a City,
every corner you turn there is an amazing ancient relic just sitting there...
I don't want to go home, only four more days.


Barbara said...

roma is beautiful! hope you take pretty images to share :)

Anonymous said...

wow this is beautiful, is that you in the picture x

Louis Duke said...

ah, I am so jealous.
We're traveling through Germany and northern Europe, but I also really wanted to go south to Italy also.
ah, well.
I hope you post photos of the city, because this one is wonderful.

Juanduh. said...

nice blog!

Bee Elton said...

ah wow, i was creeping through your blog (as you do haha), thinking 'gosh darn, how can someone be this amazing at fourteen?', only to stumble across this!
the photograph is mine, and i'm very very flattered, thankyou!