Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sinking ankles

When I was younger all I could think about was the ocean. I remember burying my feet deep in the
sand and waiting for the tide to pull me in and how I used to wander off into the caves and play with
the shellfish and crabs. I'd float on my back and watch the clouds make shapes and dance around the
sun as my hair grew light and my freckles shone through
the whiteness of my skin. I love the seaside and I miss it to death


AVA said...


a wrinkle in time said...

this left such pretty images in my head and now I miss it terribly too :(

Second Wind photography said...

oh lovely so lovely!

Pam I Am said...

beautiful ^.^

so-my-ah said...

so perfect

corinah said...

oh my goodness i think we should be friends juts because we both can relate to the sea in such a way : )

i miss the sea as much as you

Anonymous said...

i adore this picture