Monday, March 22, 2010

I feel the cold

I took these with my tripod, finally worked it! I'm getting into the winter mood with my quirky detachable woollen hoodie got it at "My thrifting Wonderland" you would probably know it as Brunswick Street.. anyway, I'll be posting lots of photos in the future, just letting you all know!

oh and yes I am aware of my private peep show on the 4th photo.. get used to my clumsiness and carelessness haha


Second Wind photography said...

This picture are amazing!
You are a model of Nirrimi, aren't you? You are gorgeus :) And now I discover that you are an amazing photographer too!! wow!! So many talent.
Take care

hope said...

yeah I am :) thankyou! haha I wish, but I do love taking photos :)
thankyouu again haha

JewelLing said...

Amazing I love this series. It's all gloomy but you're like the light shinning brightly through.